About me

I am a Swedish independent traveller, taster and very curious wine journalist and sommelier..

“I studied the sommelier course at Restaurangakademien, including WSET level 3 in 2016, and one year later I took a course at Södertörn University called ‘The evolution, history, economy, chemistry and biology of wine’. I’ve done several harvests too and my first was 2014 with Pithon-Paillé, JC Garnier, Didier Chauffardon and Benoit Courault. And then I started to travel, visiting wine fairs and farmers. It became my drug.

If you are a regular on the Stockholm wine scene, you might have seen her scrutinising every wine list out there, trying, tasting and enjoying the selection offered. Lena Särnholm is a wine journalist, and the kind of wine blogger you still love to read. Her passion for hand-crafted wine- making and travel oozes from her every word.”

// Read more about me here: Intervju på totallystockholm.se

My Sites, Jobs, Projects as Journalist, Free Wine Agent, Consultant, Photographer, Wine Tastings, Wine Speaker/Talks and working in the Wineyards and Cellars

  • Instagram: instagram.com/sarnholmlena
  • Facebook: facebook.com/naturviner
  • Sommelier WSET level 3.
  • Writing for Star Wine List
  • Writing for Wine Magazine Törst
  • Writing and photography on my own independent Wine Blog:
    Naturvin – The Sound of Soil
    (Nominated for Food Blog Awards: Drinking Blog 2017 (Nominerad till Matbloggspriset Dryckesblogg 2017): matbloggspriset.se/2017)
  • Wine Journalist, published in several magazines in both Wine, Travel, Horse Sport Magazine (Tidningen Ridsport for 15 years!), Daily News Newspapers and Lifestyle Magazines.
    Most recent: Munskänkarna – In Vino – Nr.3 June 2022
  • Writing for Wine Blogg Vinlandet Portugal
  • Swedish Contact for PIWI International.
  • Available for Wine tastings with stories both about the Wine, The Making of the Wine, Wine Makers and the History.
  • Photograpy Exchibitions with my own photographs from my travels in the Wine World. Photos are exclusive but available to buy; instagram.com/sarnholmlena
  • I am available as a Free Wine Agent For Network, Connections and Consultation for Wine to Sweden.
  • Been working as Tasting Judge/Wine Jury both for bigger Wine regions and together Wine producer’s both abroad and online.
  • Speaker at Women in Wine Expo, Georgia 2022.
  • I have travelled in many years to Vineyards in Europe. My special interest is in Natural Wine and Old Grape Variaties. But mostly the people who are making the wine. I am one of the very few that where involved from the beginning of the New Natural Wine Movement in Scandinavia.
  • Been working at 8 Harvests and 2 Prunings in France and Italy.
  • Working at several of the big Wine Fairs in Sweden, England and Italy.
  • Wine tastings with chefs at restaurants and private, with dinner to pair both region and taste. With specific Wine matching the French, Italian or Scandinavian Cuisine.
  • Frankrikepodden (Swedish Franko Podcast)
    Häng med på vinskörd och lär dig mer om naturvin
  • Wine Tastings and Wine Consultation.
  • Latest Wine tasting was for Munskänkarna Täby about Natural Wine.

Food with the Wine:

  • Food tastings where I made dinners with Truffles and held lecture about the hunt, the culture about, and to cook with White and Black Truffel. And paring what Wine that goes with the different types of Truffles.
  • Olive harvest and production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Italy, Marche 2020.


For contacts/jobs about Wine, Writing, Tasting Judge, Photography, Consulting as a Free Wine Agent for Wine Import to Sweden, Wine Fares/Wine Tastings for Wine Business in Sweden, Private Wine tastings, Contacts, Networking or just Fun Projects:

Lena Särnholm





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