Om mig / About me

Jag är en oberoende resande, smakande och väldigt nyfiken vinjournalist och sommelier.

“I studied the sommelier course at Restaurangakademien, including WSET level 3 in 2016, and one year later I took a course at Södertörn University called ‘The evolution, history, economy, chemistry and biology of wine’. I’ve done several harvests too and my first was 2014 with Pithon-Paillé, JC Garnier, Didier Chauffardon and Benoit Courault. And then I started to travel, visiting wine fairs and farmers. It became my drug.

If you are a regular on the Stockholm wine scene, you might have seen her scrutinising every wine list out there, trying, tasting and enjoying the selection offered. Lena Särnholm is a wine journalist, and the kind of wine blogger you still love to read. Her passion for hand-crafted wine- making and travel oozes from her every word.”

// Read more about me here: Intervju på

  • Writing for Star Wine List
  • Writing for Wine Magazine Törst
  • Writing and photographs on my own independent Wine Blogg:
    Naturvin – The Sound of Soil
    (Nominated for Food Blogg Awards Drinking Blogg 2017 (Nominerad till Matbloggspriset Dryckesblogg 2017):
  • Wine Journalist, published in several magazines in both Wine, Travel, Sport and Lifestyle Magazines.
  • Instagram:
  • Facebook:
  • Writing for Wine Blogg Vinlandet Portugal
  • Available for Wine tastings with stories both about the Wine, The Making of the Wine, Wine Makers and the History.
  • Photograpy Exchibitions with my own photographs from my travels in the Wine World. Photos are exclusive but available to buy;
  • Sommelier WSET level 3.
  • I am available as a free Wine Agent For Network, Connections and Consultation for Wine to Sweden.
  • Available as Tasting Judge.
  • I have travelled in many years to Vineyards in Europe. My special interest is in Natural Wine and Old Grape Variaties. But mostly the people who are making the wine. I am one of the very few that where involved from the beginning of the New Natural Movement in Sweden.
  • Been working at 7 Harvests and 2 Prunings.
  • Have also had Food Tastings where I made dinners with Truffles and holding Lectures about the White and Black Truffels.
  • For contacts/jobs about Wine, Writing, Tasting Judge, Photography, Consulting as a Free Wine Agent for Wine Import to Sweden, Wine Fares/Tastings for Wine Business in Sweden, Private Wine tastings, Contacts, Networks or just Fun Projects:


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